Tablet Stand and Holder by Kezmonk

Short Description:
Open Hardware LEGO® project #2: Tablet, cell phone, ebook holder.

Project using Lego Technic® bricks to build a tablet/cell-phone/e-book holder. Works well for 6-inch to 10-inch screens and acceptably for smaller phones. I made building instructions using the Lego digital designer, which is no longer avaliable. The LDD .lxf file is here: .lxf file, and here is the parts list. Click below for building instructions. In case you don’t get it - you have to connect the two darker pieces to where the pegs are sticking out to create a longer base - I wasn’t able to connect them in the program. Look at the image here and I will make a video showing its use and utility as well as an alternative version that uses shorter bricks. The examples that are shown here are my original models that I have been using for over 3 years now.

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Publisher and Author:
(c) 2019 Kezmonk

You have to mentally rotate the final buliding instructions to bring it to its final form. Here are some images to help you with the transition; click to bring up. If you look carefully you should notice that the spacing is not the same in all the images. That is because there are different stud spacings that all work. The LDD has a 13 studded spacer and is the yellow model; the blue model has a 12 studded spacing (if you look carefully you will see that one peg on the top cross-bar is free). This is depednent on the axels which are typically in even numbers. For the 13 studded spacer you need an axel that is 13 studs long - but I only had 8, 10, 12, 14 stud-long axels - so I actually cut one 14-axel by 1 stud; that is the yellow model.
(c) 2019 Kezmonk